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Love yourself better with turmeric, a miracle antinflammatory

Your author has been plagued by bouts of full-body pain and fever since her 20s. For 40 years, these events were a mystery to her. At age 60, the condition had worsened to the point that she was bedridden and in ferocious constant pain. Without health insurance, or the means to pay for treatment herself, she ended up in the emergency room of the county hospital on Dec. 2, 2013.

There, she stood up when she got off the examination table, and promptly collapsed to the floor because of the pain. The doctor promised her an MRI appointment right after the holidays.

You know what happens next. She called in late January. They made an appointment to see her in late February. The doctor said she needed an MRI. She said she knew that. He promised the appointment would be scheduled soon. In the meanwhile, this is her day.

Wake up in terrible pain after a few hours’ restless sleep. Gather the courage to get out of bed. Bring coffeepot next to her bedside so she wouldn’t have to get up for a while. Stay home. Have groceries delivered. No medicine could receive the agony.

Finally, MRI on April 15. Result: she has lumbar stenosis, they say.

Her Medicare insurance kicked in on May 1, 2014 after a 2 3/4 year wait. She was in the ER on May 2. The doctor manipulated her legs and she screamed three times from the terrible pain. Everyone in ER heard it. Turned out the hips were bad too.


A neighbor knew of a local health foods and supplement store and took her there. The herbalist suggested a combination of yucca capsules and a combination capsule of turmeric and bromelain to be taken night and morning. She took the night capsules 2 hours after food. Felt better before bedtime. Figured it was a placebo effect. The next morning she awakened to find her pain cut in half!

Gradual improvement of the back pain kept her thoughts from turning to the dark places they had been in the midst of those months of hell.


1. Effective therapeutic dose: 1000MG Smarter, “Stop Aging Now” website.