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Your author has been plagued by bouts of full-body pain and fever since her 20s. For 40 years, these events were a mystery to her. At age 60, the condition had worsened to the point that she was bedridden and in ferocious constant pain. Without health insurance, or the means to pay for treatment herself, she ended up in the emergency room of the county hospital on Dec. 2, 2013.

There, she stood up when she got off the examination table, and promptly collapsed to the floor because of the pain. The doctor promised her an MRI appointment right after the holidays.

You know what happens next. She called in late January. They made an appointment to see her in late February. The doctor said she needed an MRI. She said she knew that. He promised the appointment would be scheduled soon. In the meanwhile, this is her day.

Wake up in terrible pain after a few hours’ restless sleep. Gather the courage to get out of bed. Bring coffeepot next to her bedside so she wouldn’t have to get up for a while. Stay home. Have groceries delivered. No medicine could receive the agony.

Finally, MRI on April 15. Result: she has lumbar stenosis, they say.

Her Medicare insurance kicked in on May 1, 2014 after a 2 3/4 year wait. She was in the ER on May 2. The doctor manipulated her legs and she screamed three times from the terrible pain. Everyone in ER heard it. Turned out the hips were bad too.


A neighbor knew of a local health foods and supplement store and took her there. The herbalist suggested a combination of yucca capsules and a combination capsule of turmeric and bromelain to be taken night and morning. She took the night capsules 2 hours after food. Felt better before bedtime. Figured it was a placebo effect. The next morning she awakened to find her pain cut in half!

Gradual improvement of the back pain kept her thoughts from turning to the dark places they had been in the midst of those months of hell.


1. Effective therapeutic dose: 1000MG Smarter, “Stop Aging Now” website.

7 Things You Should Know About Sex Therapy

7 Things You Should Know About Sex Therapy

If you’re experiencing a sexual problem, the last thing you probably want to do is talk about it. But sex therapy is designed to help you do just that so you can get to the bottom of your sexual issues and reverse them.

Whether you work with a psychiatrist, psychologist, or marriage or sex counselor, sex therapy can help with a variety of issues including erectile dysfunction, low libido, and other sexual problems. And it can help you and your partner work through these issues in a supportive and educational environment.

So what does sex therapy really entail? And who qualifies as a sex therapist? Read on to discover the truth about this type of therapy.

1. Sex Therapy Is Like Other Forms of Counseling

Contrary to what some believe, there’s nothing strange, deviant, or kinky going on behind the walls of a sex therapist’s office. Indeed, sex therapy is not very different from other forms of psychological counseling.

2. You’ll Explore the Psychological Side of Sex

Your therapist will help you work through emotional issues that may be contributing to sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, says urologist Drogo Montague, MD, professor of surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine in Ohio. “Sex therapy typically begins with learning about performance anxiety and then moves on to teaching a couple how to establish open lines of communication to discuss sexual wants and needs,” he explains. “The couple may also explore issues causing relationship stress.”

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Will Antidepressants Wreck Your Sex Life?

Seventy percent of people taking certain antidepressants complain of negative sexual side effects — but a new drug, and a few intimacy boosters, could help change that.

By Madeline R. Vann, MPH

Medically Reviewed by Pat F. Bass, III, MD, MPH

What sets Viibryd — an antidepressant approved by the FDA in January 2011 — apart from other depression medications on the market? Unlike most antidepressants, this one comes without any apparent sexual side effects.

Back in the 1950s, when antidepressants were first introduced to treat depression, physicians and patients didn’t talk much about sexual repercussions — this first generation of drugs had many unpleasant side effects. So when a new class of medications, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), such as fluoxetine (Prozac) and sertraline (Zoloft), came to the market, their fewer side effects were enthusiastically welcomed.

some antidepressants on the market now

some antidepressants on the market now

But it didn’t take long for patients to feel the brunt of SSRIs in the bedroom. Today, as many as 70 percent of patients taking certain antidepressants will say — if asked — that they have experienced changes in their sexual lives, from loss of sensation to lack of desire.

The sexual side effects of antidepressants may include

    Lowered libido
    Reduced genital sensitivity
    Delayed or absent orgasm (for both men and women)

The reasons for these sexual side effects are not fully understood. One theory is that SSRIs appear to interfere with nitric oxide, which plays a leading role in arousal and sexual response, resulting in lowered libido.

Experts acknowledge that it can be hard to tell whether sexual side effects come from medication or from the depression itself, which can also have an effect on sex drive. However, while depression may cause a lack of interest in sex, it typically does not cause physical difficulties with achieving orgasm or ejaculation.

5 Ways to Revive Your Sex Drive

There are several ways you can improve your sexual life while managing depression:

  1. Try other treatments. Treating depression is essential to your long-term quality of life. If you’re concerned about problems with antidepressants and sex, talk to your doctor about other treatment approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy.
  2. Lube up. For women, vaginal dryness can be a sexual side effect of antidepressants. A water-based vaginal lubricant may make sex more comfortable.
  3. Fool around. You may find that spending more time becoming aroused during foreplay helps overcome a delayed physical response.
  4. Talk it out. “We’ve found that people who communicate with their partners about their antidepressant side effects and who stay sexually active are less likely to let temporary problems become permanent,” says Tierney Lorenz, a researcher in the Sexual Psychophysiology Lab at the University of Austin in Texas.
  5. Get physical in other ways. Lorenz says she and her team are studying one potential cure for sexual side effects of antidepressants — exercise. “In the lab, we’ve found that exercising for 20 minutes before watching a sexual film doubled measures of sexual arousal in women taking antidepressants.” Consider working out as a couple — a romantic walk or an invigorating hike could put you in the mood.

Other Options for Antidepressants

If lifestyle approaches aren’t doing the trick, consider one of these medication-related strategies:

Ask your doctor about a different dosing schedule. “If you aren’t taking an extended-release tablet, you can try taking the meds at night just before sleep,” says Lorenz. “That way, the effect of the drug during the daytime will be lessened.”
Think about erectile dysfunction medications. Drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors, such as sildenafil (Viagra), can be taken before you have intercourse and are effective in countering lowered libido. Although sildenafil is often thought of as a man’s medication, it has shown some promise in helping to improve women’s sexual response as well.
Rebalance changing levels of serotonin and dopamine. Your doctor may recommend daily doses of either buspirone (Buspar, Vanspar) or bupropion (Wellbutrin), both of which could counter the sexual side effects of SSRI antidepressants.
Switch antidepressants. People who take only bupropion to treat their depression are significantly less likely to report sexual side effects than people taking SSRI antidepressants. Another option is nefazodone (Serzone), although this medication appears to have a slightly higher risk of liver damage. In January of last year, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of vilazodone (Viibryd) for depression treatment, which results in lowered libido in only about 4 percent of patients who take it.
Talk to your partner and your doctor to find the best option for you. And one word of caution: Don’t stop taking antidepressants on your own. Follow your doctor’s guidance for cutting back and ultimately stopping medication so that your depression can be resolved.

Last Updated: 5/14/2012

I read news from several health sites every day so I can share the best with you. I have been taking these medications for 25 years now and I can safely say that the side-effects are manageable and the medication has enhanced my life experience immeasurably. ~Sylvia

Will Antidepressants Wreck Your Sex Life?

18 year old man asks: Is this the symptom of an STD?

There are many different presentations of an STD, and there are also many normal “bumps” on male genitals. Read all about it at Dr. Laura Berman’s blog.

Is This the Symptom of an STD?

About Temporary Tattoo Factory Tattoos, Safety FDA inks & c., FAQs

You may as well read it here first, because once you go to the site your attention will be inexorably drawn. Here are reassurances about the safety and health of the tattoos, application directions, and FAQs. Go for it! ~Via

About Our Tattoos

Safety and FDA approved inks
Our “patented” manufacturing processes allows us to deliver the very best temporary tattoos in the world.
Our temporary tattoos are completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. All of our tattoo inks contain only FDA certified pigments. Our tattoo products exceed U.S. and international regulatory requirements.

How to apply and remove Temporary Tattoos and Gold Tattoos
Our “patented’ tattoos apply faster and easier than any other brand…in just 10 seconds.

Follow these easy directions:

1. Make sure your skin is clean and free from oil and make-up.
2. Remove the clear protective top sheet from the tattoos.
3. Place the tattoo face down on the skin or other surface.
4. Saturate the back of the tattoo with water…this will release the tattoo onto the skin.
5. Wait 10-15 seconds…then peel or slide away the backing paper.

* You are finished! (You may want to lightly wipe your tattoo with water to remove any shine)
To Remove: saturate the tattoo with rubbing alcohol and wipe away
Your tattoo will last for approximately 5 days or longer on some people.
You may take baths, showers or swim and your tattoo will not come off
Treat gently…do not rub with towel when bathing

Frequently asked questions

What is the delivery time for stock temporary tattoos?
All tattoo orders are shipped within 24-48 hours from San Diego, CA via 1st class mail.
Orders will arrive within 1-5 days depending on your location

Is faster delivery available?
You may request Overnight Express Mail when checking out after completing your order

Do you ship international orders?
We ship to most countries worldwide via USPS International Priority Mail. You may request international shipping at checkout for an additional $15.

What is the delivery time for custom printed tattoos?
Approximately 2 weeks

Type of artwork required for custom printed tattoos?
You may send your own art or we will design the tattoo for you…usually at no additional charge.
If sending your own art:
300 dpi jpeg, tiff or pdf
right reading at exact size


Temporary Tattoo Factory places a high value on the privacy of its customers.
Customer information is used for order processing on our own website only.
We never give, rent or sell customer information to any other company.
Any information we gather from our customers will always be securely guarded.