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Three years ago, I spent $15 on a package of temporary tattoos from Joyce’s Temporary Tattoo Factory

My love and I have derived endless amusement from this small package of tattoos. I wear a different tattoo every time he comes to see me, and I wear it (or them) in a different place.

It’s one of my favorite ways to keep our relationship fresh! I also enjoy wearing different duds, lingerie, and shoes of course on each date for the same reason.

temporary tattoos lovers  tattoo art 6-13-13

I often considered getting a tattoo, yet I have remained tattoo-free all these years. Why, you may ask? Well, I knew that no matter how long I thought about a permanent tattoo, I would keep changing my mind about what it should be! I have ADD,  you see,  which means that I have a ravenous brain. Ravenous brain people always have to adjust their views to new data. Therefore, it is hard sometimes to make complicated decisions, like, what kind of tattoo could I love for the rest of my life? The answer turned out to be…none…for me.

The good news? I indulge in tattoo fantasies now nearly scot-free!

Learn more about Joyce here. 

About Temporary Tattoo Factory Tattoos, Safety FDA inks & c., FAQs

You may as well read it here first, because once you go to the site your attention will be inexorably drawn. Here are reassurances about the safety and health of the tattoos, application directions, and FAQs. Go for it! ~Via

About Our Tattoos

Safety and FDA approved inks
Our “patented” manufacturing processes allows us to deliver the very best temporary tattoos in the world.
Our temporary tattoos are completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. All of our tattoo inks contain only FDA certified pigments. Our tattoo products exceed U.S. and international regulatory requirements.

How to apply and remove Temporary Tattoos and Gold Tattoos
Our “patented’ tattoos apply faster and easier than any other brand…in just 10 seconds.

Follow these easy directions:

1. Make sure your skin is clean and free from oil and make-up.
2. Remove the clear protective top sheet from the tattoos.
3. Place the tattoo face down on the skin or other surface.
4. Saturate the back of the tattoo with water…this will release the tattoo onto the skin.
5. Wait 10-15 seconds…then peel or slide away the backing paper.

* You are finished! (You may want to lightly wipe your tattoo with water to remove any shine)
To Remove: saturate the tattoo with rubbing alcohol and wipe away
Your tattoo will last for approximately 5 days or longer on some people.
You may take baths, showers or swim and your tattoo will not come off
Treat gently…do not rub with towel when bathing

Frequently asked questions

What is the delivery time for stock temporary tattoos?
All tattoo orders are shipped within 24-48 hours from San Diego, CA via 1st class mail.
Orders will arrive within 1-5 days depending on your location

Is faster delivery available?
You may request Overnight Express Mail when checking out after completing your order

Do you ship international orders?
We ship to most countries worldwide via USPS International Priority Mail. You may request international shipping at checkout for an additional $15.

What is the delivery time for custom printed tattoos?
Approximately 2 weeks

Type of artwork required for custom printed tattoos?
You may send your own art or we will design the tattoo for you…usually at no additional charge.
If sending your own art:
300 dpi jpeg, tiff or pdf
right reading at exact size


Temporary Tattoo Factory places a high value on the privacy of its customers.
Customer information is used for order processing on our own website only.
We never give, rent or sell customer information to any other company.
Any information we gather from our customers will always be securely guarded.

Four Rules for Attracting Smart Women on the Upside of Life

As toddlers, preteens, adolescents, we girls are all taught the same lesson, over and over. Men are brutes who can’t think about details, will lie to get sex, and we need to settle for what we can get over that. Our only other choice is someone who is overly controlled by a religion or ideology.

Among the qualities recommended to us there was “looking more like a girl,” which always got the most votes. There’s a reason that Paul McCartney is the most famous Beatle: he looked like a lady with those big eyes and long droopy eyelashes.

I stopped trying to find men who acted like and looked like women and accepted the fact that I had no other choices, being a natural hetero. By that I mean that I did not wake up one morning and decide I was attracted to guys. This argument serves me well when I get into a dispute with a homophobe. Use your imagination.

Once I figured all of this out I just started concentrating on men’s auras in the online dating world. Being a smart girl in the years before women’s lib was a guaranteed no-prom-date scenario. I mainly wanted full-time what I had part-time in my 25-year-marriage.

After joining OKCUPID I found thousands of possible matches. Tens of thousands of men have read my profile. Thousands have written me. My hope of finding suitable romantic partners has grown immensely.

Lotsa brainiac dudes out there looking for girl geeks and boffins.

Now that I have freed my mind, something as simple as the angle of a stance can set me off. I don’t have a set of characteristics I require. I am free now to make the best choices for me, not for the other person alone.

I am free to play only with the boys who play nice when they are naughty. No drama, no drama kings. Life is too short. Oh, one more thing. No more Scorpios. I mean it.

I have come to delight in the common traits that my men share. Traits such as voraciousness, insatiability, curiosity, delight, silliness, cameraderie. Yes, I adore your man-traits. I love that you are visual and use that to my advantage. Yes, I want to give you mind-blowing head. I want you to explore me to your heart’s content.

It makes me healthier, and you too. I like dating married men. They have proven they can get along wit women and can keep committments. They don’t need training. (My rant about the unsuitability of the nuclear family will appear here in the near future.)

Here are some rules for brainiac guys who seek smart women.

  1. Write to me lots!
  2. Take lots of OKCUPID quizzes.
  3. Answer lots of OKCUPID questions.
  4. Tell me what gets you out of bed in the morning besides needing to use the loo.

I want to know how your brain works. I want to know if you are neurotic or nice before I let you get close to me.

At 62, I find myself incredibly popular. I do not understand, but I am not complaining. All of these conversations enrich me, even if we don’t “click.” I have met hundreds of men who find me charming and date-able in the last 8 months. I had to withdraw my profile so I could concentrate on my tax practice.(1)

My health is a little worse than when I last updated my profile. Nevertheless, I still have an active and joyful romantic life. It sustains me through bad times to know that there are people who care.

I now know that there are so many men who are seeking the same love, romance, and peace that I seek.

I want that when you decide you no longer want to keep seeing me, you just say so. You don’t need to invite me out to dinner to do it. I won’t think you are rude. I WILL think you rude if you try to get me to break up with you by acting like a jerk. Just do it.

I do not want to get married again. I like not being property. My self-esteem and my protective instincts operate better when I control my own space.

For example, my building super indicated that he found me a tasty morsel. He’s quite sweet, but I could not afford to surrender my autonomy to that degree. After all, he could enter my apartment any time.


(1) An EA (Enrolled Agent) designation is in my near-future. I have purchased the study materials and have two months to complete the study and the live exams. I am confident of my success.


8 Sexy Ideas: Think Them Through

8 Sexy Ideas You May Want to Consider Carefully

Want to spice up your sex life? You might want to think about being more adventurous. But whether you are contemplating a sexy photo, a threesome, or having sex in a taboo setting that could risk a public viewing, you need to consider the risks involved.

“You want to live so you have no regrets, either about the things you did do or the things you didn’t do,” says licensed sex therapist Isadora Alman, MFT, in private practice in Alameda, Calif., and author of Doing It: Real People Having Really Good Sex.

That said, Alman advises being very honest with yourself about how far you are willing to go. Being a little adventurous can lead to mind-blowing sex, but before you try something new, she says, “have a conversation with yourself about it first.” Ask yourself how you would feel if your videotaped sexcapade ended up on YouTube, if you lost your job because your boss learned about what you did, or if you contracted herpes or another STD.

Here are eight sexy ideas that sound like they could be fun, but could backfire if you aren’t careful:

1. Sexting. Talking dirty can be a real turn-on, so you might be thinking about sending racy messages and photos by text — also known as “sexting.” By some estimates, close to half of your friends might already be sending or receiving sexy messages on their smartphones. But before you join in, consider what might happen to that text after your recipient reads it. “In general, I go by the rule of don’t do anything — commit to print or video or anything else — that you don’t want to haunt you,” says Alman. Even if you have deep trust for the person to whom you have sent your sext, think what might happen if they intentionally — or even accidentally — forward your message to others.

Engaging in a threesome. Otherwise known as a ménage a trois, sex between three people can be some of the most memorable and fun sex of your life, says Alman. But there are some pitfalls to watch out for.

2. Hooking up via Craigslist. If you’re eager to meet someone outside your usual social circle, you might be considering placing — or responding to — an ad on Craigslist or another free personals message service. Yes, some long-term relationships start this way, but so do nightmare situations. Be safe, warns Alman. “If you’re meeting for the first time, meet in public,” she says. Make sure someone else knows where you are going and with whom, and don’t spend time alone until you get to know this new person. “It used to be that we would only meet friends of friends,” she adds. “Now common sense must prevail, no matter how cute they are.”

3. Engaging in a threesome. Otherwise known as a ménage a trois, sex between three people can be some of the most memorable and fun sex of your life, says Alman. But there are some pitfalls to watch out for. For example, if two of the three participants are in a relationship already, it is important to talk ahead of time about what is off-limits. If you’re part of an existing relationship, you might consider setting some limits about what your partner can do with (or to) the third person. You have to be prepared for the fact that jealousy may strike, even though you didn’t think it would, Alman warns. Additionally, she says, threesomes can touch on hidden (or not so hidden) discomfort related to homoerotic experiences, as inevitably, at least two of the three participants will be of the same gender. It’s better to consider this ahead of time, rather than living with regret in the morning.

Please go to original at Everyday Health: 8 Sexy Ideas You May Want to Avoid